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10 Signs You Need a New Web Designer

Building a website is a vital part of business success, and it’s also an investment, so being mindful of what you want and need is important. You don’t want to be dishing out money or time towards a project that isn’t going in the right direction, so being aware of these warning signs will let you know if you need a new web designer or if you’re working with the right professional.

  • It costs less than $1,000: unfortunately, when it comes to creative work like web design, you get what you pay for. Because of the coding and design that goes into websites, if you’re paying less than $1,000 for anything, it’s probably not going to be the best of quality. A website is not somewhere you really want to cut corners, online presence is important for businesses. Shop around, but be realistic with yourself about a budget.
  • No solution for content: a lack of content or direction on content is one of the number one delays in web projects, so your web designer should be bringing this up to you right off the bat. Ideally, the designer will let you know how much content is needed, and has some ideas on where you can get some (ex: copywriter on staff, referral to a writer, etc.). What many people don’t realize, is that unique content is one of the biggest drivers for search engine optimization (SEO) now.
  • They didn’t ask you any questions: this is a major red flag, because it’s imperative that your designer understands your needs and your business in order to create a website that will set you up for online success. Some questions they should be asking are things like:
    • What are your goals for your website?
    • Who is your target audience?
    • Describe your typical client.
    • Do you have brand guidelines?
    • Do you have a content writer available?
    • Can we access your current site analytics?
  • You are your web designer: with the exception of those of you who actually are trained web designers, opting for the do-it-yourself solutions probably won’t save you money in the long run. It’s truly a better practice to invest the money up front and get a proper website created so that you can reap the rewards of proper SEO, and online success.
  • No follow-ups: if you only speak to your web designer once, and then never again, that’s bad news. You want to be working with someone who can give you project updates, deadlines and projected completion dates. If you’re being kept in the dark about your website, it’s probably time to go elsewhere.

If you have questions about your current website, or building a new one, please feel free to contact us.

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