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7 reasons to rebrand your business

In the lifespan of most companies, there comes a time when talks of a refresh or rebrand arise. This is nothing to be worried about, some of the biggest brands have rebranded numerous times: Apple, Pepsi, to name a few.

If you’re unsure if a rebrand is right for your business, or if it’s the right time, here’s the top seven reasons to do it:

  • Your brand is being confused for another: if your business name or logo are too close to another company’s, you should definitely consider a rebrand. You want to stand out from the competition, and you also don’t want to be confused for anyone else. Or worse, face potential legal troubles.
  • Your business has changed: if the scope of your business has changed from the original concept, rebranding will most likely make sense. Especially if you’ve branded yourself based on the vision, services or products of the business at its launch.
  • People can’t identify what you do by your brand: if you haven’t generated enough brand power to earn recognition easily, or if people still have no indication of what you do based on your brand or reputation, then rebranding is a must. This is the entire point of building a brand, for recognition, so if you don’t have any, start fresh.
  • Your brand is outdated: while other aspects of your brand may still be strong, an outdated logo is usually a good indication that it’s time to rebrand. Public perception can falter for something as simple as your logo design. Some logos can stand the test of time, but if your logo was built on a trend or using outdated imagery, it might be time for a rebrand. Unsure? Try polling your employees, asking a designer or even surveying your clients.
  • Your brand doesn’t reflect your vision or mission: brands can evolve over time, and your company vision might differ now from when you started. If your brand doesn’t accurately represent what your company offers or stands for anymore, it’s time to consider a rebrand.
  • Your brand has a negative reputation: did a single or series of errors/events cause your brand to deal with some negative perceptions? This would definitely be an ideal time to refresh and relaunch your company with a new brand and feel to try and reclaim your space in the market.
  • Your target market can’t find you: does your brand still appeal to the market you’re targeting? Consider that millennials will be drawn to different brand imaging than say baby boomers. Your business may have grown with your target audience, or you may always be targeting the same generation of consumers, so ensure your brand is in line with who you want to pay attention to it.

Considering a rebrand or have some questions about branding? Feel free to contact us.

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