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8 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Web Design Agency

Like any company you hire or partner with, you want to ensure you’re making the right choice for your investment, and your website is no different. Before you get started with a project, realize this—not all websites are created equally. And further to that, not all web design companies are created equally. Like every industry, you want to do some research before you choose a web company to work with.

Here’s eight questions you should ask a potential web design company (before you sign anything):

  • How much experience do they have? Is the company well-established and have relevant experience in either your project or industry? Ask questions about who they’ve worked with, and always a good idea to see a portfolio of their work as well.
  • What do they charge? This is always something that should be kept top of mind, but remember that in most cases, you get what you pay for. Also find out about pricing structure: hourly, up-front, etc.
  • What are all the services they provide? Will you need to hire several companies in using them to get everything completed (content, design, etc.)?  It’s important to understand if you will be responsible for providing your own web copy and content, or if they will provide it for you. Also break down with the company what the cost is to have their in-house copywriter do it, or doing it yourself. Sometimes this can be a huge difference in price point for your website.
  • Do they provide support? Will you be on your own once the website is live, or do you have an option to contact them with support issues, and for what cost and terms?
  • What kind of content management system (CMS) will be used, and will you be able to update it? WordPress is a popular choice for web designers, but there are tons of different systems out there, so be sure you know which one they use and if you’ll be able to update your website yourself. If you’re not comfortable with updating your own website, find out what the cost will be for updates as you need them.
  • What will the website cost and how long will it take? You need to get an accurate quote right off the bat so you can budget accordingly. You’ll also want to know when the website will be completed.
  • What kind of SEO (search engine optimization) is included? Some companies will provide some basic SEO components with their websites, or allow you to pay for additional SEO capabilities on the website as well. Confirm this with them prior to starting the project.
  • Who will own the domain? Make sure it’s clear right away that you need access to your domain name, and it’s probably the best idea to purchase a domain name on your own so you have 100% control.

If you have any questions about website design, please feel free to contact us.

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