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Branding Lessons: Choosing the Right Name

If you’re wondering if the name of your company matters, it does. As much thought and care as you put into creating your brand’s image and logo, the same should be said for your brand’s name. If you want to ensure your potential clients will remember you, then here’s some things to keep in mind when choosing a brand name:

  • Think quick: people will form an opinion about your brand within the first few seconds of being exposed to it. Keeping your name simple and short will make it easier for people to remember it. When you think of some of the biggest brands in the world (Apple, Fedex, Pepsi) they are all short, one-word names.
  • Be unique: obviously a big thing for a brand name is something that differentiates it from the other companies in their space. When you choose a brand name, is it creative? Is it unique?
  • Creating a new name: many companies have had success with naming their brands with completely new words. For example: Xerox, Microsoft, Kleenex, these were all made up names. One thing to keep in mind with this approach though, is that getting people on board with a new word will take a lot of marketing power, because they have nothing to associate it from in their memory.
  • Word association: another way to go about choosing a name would be to think of words that are associated to something you’re doing or the product you’re selling. An example would be brands like Sprint, who are playing off the fast-speed of their services.
  • Hybrids: company names can also come from a combination of two words, popular examples of this are brands like: eTrade, Travelocity, etc.
  • Your name(s): common ways to name companies can come from the names of the founder or founders of the company. There’s a couple ways to go about this, one is to use an acronym (A&W, AT&T), the other is to simply use your name (Martha Stewart). Again, using the name of a person will take big marketing power, and you should also keep in mind the idea that you want the brand to outlive the person.

Looking for some inspiration? Check out your favourite brands and try to delve into why they were named what they are. If you want some help with your own branding, you can always contact us too.

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