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How to Create Brand Guidelines

Branding is an integral part of a company and its success, and if you’ve taken the time to invest in and solidify your brand, you want to ensure that brand is communicated effectively at all times. The best way to ensure brand consistency is to create a brand style guide. Brand style guides will ensure consistency throughout all and every material your company produces, regardless who is creating it.

A brand style guide will contain all the information necessary to create any material your company will need whether a website, advertising, internal communications or marketing materials.

Here are some crucial aspects your brand guidelines should contain:

  • How to use your logo: it’s important to outline how your logo should be used, and how it shouldn’t be used. Make note of size, placement and the appropriate amount of white space (if any) should be used around your logo. You should also be sure to include all the colours your logo should be (in RGB and CMYK values) and all variations of the logo, such as gradient or knockout versions.
  • Your colour palettes: besides the colours in your logo, you should have a brand colour palette so that it’s always consistent what colours are acceptable for use with your brand. Again, make note of all the values in both RGB and CMYK, and include both the colours and the numerical values for reference.
  • Define your fonts: just as important as your brand colours, are the fonts that should be used along with your brand. Define any and all brands for copy, titles, etc. Also, be sure to include specifics such as ‘bold’ or ‘italic’ versions. It’s also beneficial to include spacing of fonts, kerning and leading.
  • Brand voice: as much as your brand should always look a certain way, the way your brand is communicated should also take on a consistent tone and personality. Ensure wording, tone and company culture are clearly outlined in the guide.

Some additional things you may want to consider adding to your brand style guide, are photography outlines, image requirements and specifications and website elements.

If you have questions about branding or creating style guidelines, please feel free to contact us.

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