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How to keep visitors on your website longer

When it comes to your website, the key to conversions is getting visitors to stay on your site as long as possible. So how can you improve the visit time of online users to your website? Here’s three very simple and effective methods for improved stay time:

  • Improve your visual presence: statistics show that images online drive the attention of users more than just editorial content alone. Whether it be on social media, or your website, visual presence is important, so adding some quality photos or images will help the conversion rate on your website.

This design trend helps keep users on the site by giving them large quantities of visual information with text scattered in to help refine the message. A great example of this is Apple’s iPhone 6 page. A beautifully simple long scrolling page filled with fantastic images and text that highlights the important information. [Business 2 Community]

  • Improve your content: the quality of your content is more important than how much of it you have. Ensure all the editorial content on your website is relevant and informative, while not shorting on how interesting it is. When it comes to your content, you can get it right by answering six simple questions, refer to our blog from two weeks ago for the specifics on creating valuable content.
  • Ensure your website is mobile-friendly: Last month we shared information about Google’s most recent algorithm change, which will go into effect on April 21st, and put more emphasis on mobile-friendly websites. The algorithm, coined “mobilegeddon” on the Internet, has boosted the search rankings of websites that are mobile-friendly. A new survey shows that over 80% of websites are still not supporting a responsive web design, which means a lot of businesses have changes to make to their existing websites. With so many users accessing websites from mobile devices, this will definitely help you keep visitors there longer.

If you have questions about web design or upgrading your website, please feel free to contact us, we’d love to help.


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