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How to maintain your new WordPress website

WordPress is one of the most popular website platforms in the world, due to its customizability, ease-of-use and SEO capabilities. Going through your initial website build is the majority of the work, but in order to keep your website running at optimal speed and functionality, you should be doing these tasks to maintain it.

  • Update plugins: plugins on your website, like software, need to be updated to keep running smoothly. It is recommended that you login to your WordPress website on a monthly basis to update your WordPress version and any updates you have installed.
  • Avoid downloading new plugins: unless you are a WordPress expert yourself, you should avoid downloading new plugins without speaking to your web designer or developer first. Sometimes plugins can cause issues on your website if they’re not properly vetted by a professional. The best practice would be to have your web designer or developer handle new plugins or you can always ask them first about anything you’re considering downloading.
  • Manage user accounts: you should regularly be managing your user accounts on your website, meaning having an understanding of who has access to your website and at what level (admin, editor, etc.). Delete any accounts you no longer need to have on there. And once you gain control of your WordPress site, you should have all the user accounts’ names changed as well as the URL to login.

It’s important to make sure you don’t have a user account called “admin”. Similarly, changing your URL login so that it is not the WordPress default ( is extremely important. Most often, brute force attacks occur because one or both of these items has been overlooked. [Business 2 Community]

Another thing you should definitely look into with your website designer or developer, is web security. What kinds of things are in place and what should be in place to protect your website and all of the data on there. Hacking is becoming more and more commonplace, so ensure you save yourself the time and money involved in a security breach, and be proactive with your website.

If you have any questions regarding updating WordPress websites, or having one built, please feel free to contact us.

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