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How to make your website social media friendly

Social media is commonplace in today’s world; people are using social media often and logging into their social accounts from various mediums. There’s no question that social media has shifted the digital marketing landscape in the last decade, so is your website on board with social media? Here’s some ways to make your website more social media friendly:

  • Add social media buttons: let your audience know which social media sites you are on, so they can follow you there. This is also an added way to increase your SEO as well, driving traffic back to your website from social media channels. Right on your home page or on your footer or header, have linkable icons for all the social avenues your business is on.
  • Add social logins: if your website requires people to login for any reason, consider switching your current process to having social logins. This would allow people to login to your site using their Twitter or Facebook profiles, for example. It is also an easier way for your audience to login to your website, since the process of filling out information would be void with this option.
  • Incorporate your social content: if you are actively using your social profiles, this means there is content elsewhere that can be used on your website. Consider incorporating your social content on your website. You can try things like live Twitter feeds or ‘recent Facebook posts’ right on your website’s main page. This will show people you are active on social media, encourage them to follow you on those channels and also help boost fresh content on your website without the extra work.
  • Make your content socially shareable: a great feature you can add to your website, is to ensure any content you post on there (online catalogues, blogs, etc.) is easily shareable onto social media channels. This would mean adding small sharing buttons to the bottom of each post, that allows your audience to share your content onto their own social channels (like Pinterest, Facebook, etc.) with just an easy click. This is easily incorporated into WordPress sites with a widget, but you can always ask your web designer for guidance and help with this.

If you’re wondering how your current website is stacking up in the social department, or want to add in some of these functionalities to your website, feel free to contact us and ask how we can help improve your online presence.

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