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How to Prepare for Meetings with Graphic and Web Designers

It’s a New Year and many companies look to this time of year to refresh a brand or launch an entirely new one. If either is in the stars for you or your business this year, it will mean multiple meetings with a graphic and/or web designer. Most designers work on an hourly fee structure, so in order to keep your costs and your stress down, here’s some ways you can prepare for meetings with designers.

  • Bring objectives: make a list of what you want to achieve with the design or branding project. Help the designer best understand what it is you are looking to do with the final product. Examples include: website traffic, brand recognition, etc.
  • For websites, have an outline: make a list of all the pages you will need for your website, for example: about us, contact, services, etc. You will also want to make a list of any desired features you want to include with your website, such as: social media feeds, e-commerce capabilities, etc.
  • Bring some examples: whether you are working with a designer on a print, branding or website project, it’s important to bring specific examples of designs you like. This will help steer the designer in the right direction right off the bat. Pull images of other logos you like, website designs or any other design features that you can actually show your designer. It’s also a great idea to bring some examples of things you definitely don’t like, so that you don’t have to cross that bridge later on. In addition to ideas of what you like/don’t like, think about bringing samples of imagery that inspires you with the project. An example of this might be a specific colour scheme you like.
  • Bring date specific to the project: if you’ve done any initial research on your brand or website, be sure to bring that for your designer. Also, logins for any websites and domains, as well as a look at your analytics data so your web designer can see which areas are working or not working with your current website.

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