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Megan Shares Advice on Being Creative and Successful

Megan, one of our designers, recently had an opportunity to go to Lord Beaverbrook High School in Calgary to talk to the art students about having a creative career at Quinlan.Mack.

She shared her artistic journey with them and gave the students a taste of what it was like to graduate from the Alberta College of Art and Design and then move on to a successful career in the creative field.

Megan’s tips for being creative and successful:

Time Management: As a creative person, I often find it extremely difficult to manage my time. I’m constantly getting distracted by new projects and exciting things that I’d like to try. The sooner you figure out how to manage your time effectively, the more successful you will be at getting things done. I know, easier said than done.

Making Time for Personal Projects: It is so important to make time for personal creative projects. Sometimes trying to be creative at work all of the time is exhausting, and you find yourself hitting a wall. In order to keep yourself inspired, make time to do personal projects that you find rewarding and enjoyable. Another way to keep yourself inspired is to attend workshops or watch webinars that other designers put on. At Quinlan.Mack, we try to dedicate time during office hours to do these things and keep our creative gears turning.

Don’t Take Things Personally: Sometimes it’s hard not to get personally attached to projects. When you spend so much time with something, you get close to it and it becomes a source of pride. Unfortunately, not everyone has the same vision as you do – and you have to let some projects go. If a client or fellow colleague shoots down your project, try and work with them to make it better instead of getting defensive and hurt. You’ll likely end up with a better project in the end.

So many people assume that it is difficult to hold a steady/successful job in the creative field. However, the fact is, if you work hard and treat people kindly – you can be successful at just about anything. Companies in every single field value creative problem solving and out-of-the-box thinking.

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