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Spring Cleaning Applies Online Too

Spring is finally here, and for many that means spring cleaning is in order. But spring cleaning shouldn’t just apply to your home or office, it should be just as important to your online presence too. Here’s some tips for spring cleaning your website and online presence:

  • Check your pertinent information online: peruse your website and social media pages to ensure all the basics of your business are still accurate: business hours, contact information, etc.
  • Update online portfolios and albums: if you have a portfolio of work on your website, consider updating it with new photos and work. This is also a great time to check on your photos on social media too, make sure any outdated ones are removed and put up some new ones.
  • Remove outdated images: do you have some seasonal or holiday-specific images still lingering on your website or social media pages from days gone? Time to get rid of those or swap them out with relevant ones.
  • Refresh your content: go through all of your content and ensure that your messaging still reflects the current state of your brand. Regardless if the content still rings true, it’s a good idea to rewrite content or redo it completely, Google loves fresh content.
  • Check your links: go through all the links on your website and ensure they all still work, if not, be sure to update them. You may want to consider removing or adding some as well, if necessary.
  • Add some visual content: by now, it shouldn’t be a secret that visual content garners a lot of attention online, so how much do you have to offer on your website? Now is a good time to add some photos or videos to your website.
  • Make it mobile-friendly: is your website still not mobile-friendly? On April 21st, Google will start using mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal, so you’re running out of time to get your website ready for ‘mobilegeddon‘.
  • Update social media links: have you still failed to add your social media links to your site? Get them on there! Keep in mind adding those sites that you’ve recently started using, or removing the ones that you’re no longer active on. There’s no point in sending traffic somewhere you’re not.
  • Redesign your website: the ultimate way to update your website for the season would be to go for a redesign of your website. When was the last time you gave your website a completely new look? A redesign will keep you current, creative and will signal to your customers that you’re keeping on top of the latest trends.

Do you have questions about refreshing your brand or website? Please feel free to contact us or see some of our work online.

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