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The biggest logo design trends for 2016

Based on the most popular brand designs near the end of last year, and what’s making waves at the start of 2016, we can make a pretty educated assumption on what design trends will be big for logos this year. The consistent quality in the biggest design trends right now is minimalism, though played out in various fashions. Here’s a breakdown of the five biggest logo design trends for 2016.

  • Monoline: this type of design features lines, with a consistent stroke value (width of the line). They are simplistic in nature, and have become popular with the rise in popularity of apps and mobile users. Here’s a look at some examples of monoline logo designs, via Pinterest.
  • Negative space: this type of logo utilizes the space around and between subjects in an image, known as negative space. This technique may also be evident when the space around a subject forms a relevant shape, bringing focus to the space around the subject, not the subject itself. Many brands have used clever design to implement this type of logo, here’s some examples of negative space design.
  • Hand lettering: calligraphy is being used in more and more logo designs this year, and some brands are combining hand lettering typography with other fonts as well. This type of design can bring a more artistic look to a logo, here’s some examples.
  • Vintage: what’s old is new again with vintage logo designs making a big comeback this year. There’s a lot of room for creativity with vintage logos, and they work great for many different types of businesses. For some ideas on how vintage branding has taken flight, here’s some examples.
  • Shading: this type of design employs many different facets—multi-dimension, simplicity, depth, etc. These types of logos can be minimalistic but yet have tons of depth due to clever usage of colours and shading techniques. Not sure what we mean by ‘shaded’? Here’s some examples.

If you want to take advantage of these major design trends this year, feel free to contact us about logo design or rebranding options for your business.



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