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Things All Great Homepages Have in Common

It’s no surprise, your business’ homepage is a vital part of your website’s success. It is, after all, the first thing your visitors will land on when they navigate to your URL. To ensure your homepage is giving you the best bang for your buck, here’s a list of things that all great homepage have in common.

  • Images/video: visual appeal is still king when it comes to online presence. Not only are images still proven to convert, you want high-quality images that are also relevant. Spend some time sourcing or creating images that will make the most sense for your website and brand. A further addition is to include video, which has a high rate of conversion online.
  • Easy navigation: of utmost importance, is to make sure that all of the parts of your website can be easily accessible and visible from your homepage. This is where navigation is key. Ensure your menu is easy-to-use and find, and shows all pages and sub-pages on it.
  • Up-to-date content: all of the editorial content on your homepage should be up-to-date, grammatically correct and unique. This means getting rid of any filler text that came with your website design, and also updating your editorial content regularly.
  • Working links: everything on your website should be in working order, especially on the first page. If you have any links on your homepage, always check to make sure they are still connected and remove or fix any broken links.
  • Social media links/icons: if you’re on social media (which you should be), let people know about it. Have your social media pages easily accessible with icons and active links right on your homepage. To take things an extra step, have life feeds of some of your accounts on your homepage as well.
  • Contact information: the whole point of having a website and online presence is to get your phone ringing, so let people know how to contact you! Have your contact information available and visible right on your homepage. You should have a call to action on every page, but especially right on the homepage.

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