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Why are website analytics so important?

If you have a website for your business, great. But if you don’t tap into your website analytics, there’s almost no point in having a website, since you won’t have an understanding of how it’s performing. Why are website analytics so important?

Having a website but not knowing how people use it is like talking without listening. Whether you’re selling products, driving customers to offline stores or building your brand, Google Analytics takes the guesswork out of measuring how well you’re achieving your website goals. Knowing precisely what your website visitors — who are often current and potential customers — like and dislike about your site can help you reach your overall business goals. [Entrepreneur Magazine]

Website analytics will help you see how your website is performing, where your traffic is coming from and a number of other important figures you’ll need to be successful in online marketing. You can setup analytics for free on sites like Google Analytics, or your web designer can set it up for you, and either provide you with monthly reporting, or show you how to access that information yourself. Either way, make sure you have it and look at it regularly.

There’s a lot of figures included in website analytics, and it can seem a bit daunting, so here’s the numbers you really need to pay attention to.

  • Unique visitors: pay attention to how many unique visitors your site is getting, and whether or not that number is increasing each month. Understanding your traffic is a big key to the success of your online marketing.
  • Traffic referrals: where is your website traffic coming from: social media (specifically which sites), pay-per-click, etc.? You want to know where your efforts are working the best so you can determine the success of each channel and where you may want to exercise a bigger budget, or more time.
  • Mobile users: how many people are accessing your site via mobile devices? This can help you in updating your website and making it more user-friendly going forward.
  • Conversion rate: this is the number you should be checking most often, it will tell you how many visitors to your website are converting into customers or leads. People who visit your website all the time without converting, will do nothing for your bottom line.

If you need help with understanding website analytics, or improving some of these areas on your website, please feel free to contact us.

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